Call for Demonstration

We invite researchers and practitioners to submit extended abstracts of systems and working prototypes addressing any aspect related to the scope of consumer electronics. The purpose of the demonstrations is to give attendants a real, practical, and interactive idea of the presenters’ research ideas, scientific contributions, or engineering solutions in an interactive setting. All kinds of demonstrations of working systems, prototypes, or proof-of-concepts that demonstrate new solutions, interesting ideas, or new applications of consumer electronics and applications are welcome.

We encourage authors of regular paper submissions to submit associated demos. If this is the case, please indicate in the extended abstract the submission ID of the corresponding regular paper.

Submission Guidelines

Authors and presenters of demonstrations must submit:

  1. An extended abstract (in conference paper format) summarizing their demonstration.

The abstracts of accepted demonstrations will be citable and published in the conference proceedings. Page limit is maximum four pages.

  1. An additional file illustrating what will be shown at the demo session at ICCE-Asia.

We recommend submitting a short video (max. 3 min) but other files are fine (e.g., a PowerPoint file with screenshots, photos, or other forms of illustration). File limit for upload is 20MB. If you have larger files, please contact the demo co-chairs (see emails below).

Demo submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • What is the scientific or engineering concept behind the work?
  • What is the novel or innovative aspect?
  • What makes it interesting for showing to attendants and the multimedia community?

It is recommended that the submitted files reflect the answers to these questions. Notice that these criteria are not exclusive. We aim at having a manifold and interesting demo session addressing all kinds of multimedia related issues. Thus, work that lacks in novelty, but demonstrates important aspects about multimedia is also welcome, as are initial implementations of preliminary but innovative, new ideas.

Please submit your demo proposals via the ICCE-Asia 2019 submission site by selecting “ICCE-Asia 2019 Demonstrations” Track

Facilities at conference

Presenters are expected to bring the necessary equipment (computers, etc.) themselves. The conference will provide a table, power outlet, and wireless (shared) internet. If you have special needs (e.g., more space), please include a related note into your demo submission.